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Study visit to Novi Sad, Sombor and Senta


Within the of the Project “Local Policies in Multiethnic Municipalities”, implemented by the NGO “Mother Theresa” from Pristina and Regional Centre/ Novi Sad, representatives from the Municipality Vushtri, Viti and Istog have had the opportunity during the three days visit, from 14-17 November, to meet with Deputy Chairperson of the Government of AP of Vojvodina, the Ombudsperson and director of the Office for Roma Inclusion in Novi Sad, as well as other representatives of Municipalities of Sombor and Senta. 

This study was the third visit to municipalities in Vojvodina aimed to exchange experiences and examples of good practice when it comes to functioning of the local government in multiethnic municipalities. Representatives from Municipalities of Kosovo have had the opportunity to present their municipalities and at the same time to get answers on issues that were interested of.  

Also, participants had an opportunity to learn more through the presentation about Municipality of Indjija presented by the president of the Municipality Assembly about the system “48 hours” which is being applied in order to be able and faster react on municipal problems and other problems reported by citizens and through developed computer system to have transparent access to activities undertaken by Municipalities for resolving of those problems.   

This project, together with the Norwegian Embassy, was financially supported by the Office of the Prime Minister/ Office for Community Affairs. Safete Grajçevci attended the Study visit on behalf of the Office for Community Affairs. She informed the representatives of the above mentioned institutions regarding the mandate and activities of the Office for Community Affairs and through active participation gave a contribution to the discussions and exchange of experiences. 


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs