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Three more projects were finished in the Municipality of Gracanica


With funds of the Office of the Prime Minister/ Office for Community Affairs a new road was paved in the village Dobrotin, and a new house was build for the family Petkovic in G. Gusterica, as well as the riverbed in Gracanica was regulated. In this regard, on 24 December, the Director of the Office for Community Affairs, Mr. Srdjan Popovic, Senior Officer for Grants and Coordination Ms. Safete Grajçevci together with representatives from the Municipality of Gracanica have inaugurated the road in Dobrotin, handed over the keys to Petkovic family in G. Gusterica as well as visited the regulated riverbed in Gracanica.   

Director Popovic expressed his gratitude that the above mentioned projects were implemented successfully within the deadline. The Office for Community Affairs will continue cooperation with Municipality of Gracanica, that should set a priorities and we will do our best to help according to our possibilities. 


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs