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Marking the International Roma Day


Office of Prime Minister/ Office for Community Affairs, this year as well, hosted the conference for International Roma Day. The conference gathered reputable representatives of domestic and international institutions and diplomatic corps in Kosovo, to whom in his opening speech he sincerely thanked, Prime Ministers Adviser and Director of Office for Community Affairs, Mr. Srdjan Popovic. He used the opportunity to congratulate the Roma community their celebration, mentioning that this is the day when we celebrate the achievements of Roma, but is also a chance to point out and raise public awareness about the problems that this community is, unfortunately, facing and to encourage states to specifically pay attention to improving their position.

In the introduction speeches, participants were addressed by Deputy Prime Ministers, Hajredin Kuqi and Slobodan Petrovic, Minister for European Integrations, Vlora Citaku, Minister for Communities and Return, Dalibor Jevtic, Chief of EU Office and Special Representative of EU, Samuel Zbogar, UN Coordinator for Development/ Permanent Representative of UNDP in Kosovo, Osnat Lubrani, Deputy Minister of Education, Usmen Baldzi, PRBEK Chairman, Zylfi Merxha, Kosovo MP, Alber Kinolli, as well as other respected representatives of Roma community and civil society.

Participants agreed that there are many problems that Roma community is still facing and that it is necessary to coordinate efforts of all institutions to achieve better results and improve the living conditions of this community. It is also concluded that there is a need to invest much more in the education of Roma community because the education is the key to social progress and integration in the society.

Director of the Office for Community Affairs presented shortly to the participants the projects and areas in which the Office is helping Roma community and he also mentioned that the Office is in the process of creating a working group that will aim at improving legal frameworks and policy measures for employment of communities.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs