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Director of the Office for Community Affairs and Language Commissioner participated in the Conference on Linguistic Rights in Ireland


From 22nd to 28th May, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, organized a study tour to Ireland on the occasion of International Conference on Linguistic Rights, which was held in Dublin. The conference brought together Language Commissioners from different parts of the world to discuss the challenges and problems they face when it comes to promotion and protection of linguistic rights, as well as establishment of International Association of Language Commissioners.

In this regard, the Language Commissioner, Slaviša Mladenović informed participants about the legal framework and challenges in the field of protection and promotion of linguistic rights in Kosovo.

During the study visit, Director of the Office, Srdjan Popovic and Language Commissioner, Slaviša Mladenović had the opportunity to meet with the President of Ireland, who, in his residence, hosted a reception on the occasion of International Conference on Linguistic Rights.

After the Conference, the Irish Language Commissioner, Soen OCurien who hosted the visit, held a training on systems, structures and best practices on the issue of language rights and language policy for the group from Kosovo, where, beside Director of the OCA and Language Commissioner, participated Safete Grajçevci, Officer for compatibility issues with the law (Office of Language Commissioner), Sonja Skarep, Advisor in the Office of Community Affairs and representatives of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Shqipe Hajredini and Fabiana Ortugno.

Irish Language Commissioner has made a major contribution in the reform process of Language Commission, whereas examples of Ireland and Canada are taken as examples of good practice on which the Strategic document of reform is based, and is chaired by the Office for Community Affairs.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs