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Regional coordination meetings- Process of voluntary return, mechanisms and procedures for reintegration


The Ministry of Local Governance, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Ministry for Communities and Return and the Unit for supporting the return and coordination/Office of Deputy Prime Minister, organized the first meeting in line a of coordination meetings which was held on the 11th  of June in Pejë/Peć.

The purpose of the meeting was  to discuss the cooperation between central and local authorities related to the issue of return, mechanisms and procedures of the reintegration process. In this respect, representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs presented some proposals of reviewing the strategy for reintegration of individuals through reacceptance, whereas representatives of Ministry of Communities and Return in their presentations informed those present regarding plans and activities of the Ministry and the flow of the actual process in drafting the Strategy 2014-2018. Apart from representatives from the abovementioned ministries, representatives from the Ministry of Local Governance, Kosovo Agency for Advocacy and Development, and representatives of municipalities from Peja/ Peć region spoke as well.

Sanela Sadikovic and Sonja Skarep were representatives of the Office for Community Affairs.

Participants agreed that there is a need to advance cooperation amongst central and local authorities in the process of return and reintegration, and find ways of overcoming challenges related to the provision of parcels for building homes for the returnees, safety, necessity to correct standards and existing procedures in the process of return and reintegration.

In the upcoming period, four more meetings will be held in Mitrovica, Prizren, Prishtinë/Priština and Gjilan/Gnjilane.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs