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Three-Day Workshop on the Improvement of Communication between Institutions that Deal with Community Affairs


From the 10th to the 14th of June, a workshop in Montenegro was organized which gathered representatives from institutions dealing with community affairs: the Ministry for Communities and Returns, the Ministry of Local Government Administration, the Office for Community Affairs and Consultative Council for Communities.

The workshop provided the opportunity for a more detailed evaluation of the problems and challenges regarding the communication between the abovementioned institutions, as well providing suggestions for future cooperation between the four. Discussions at the workshop and the active participation contributed to the development of a document, whose purpose is to establish a path of stronger inter-institutional cooperation on community affairs.

The three-day workshop is part of a project whose purpose is the improvement of inter-institutional communication regarding community affairs, which was initiated in 2012 by the Office for Community Affairs in cooperation with the OSCE.

Fundamental to this event was the working group. The aim of the establishment of the working group is the strengthening of cooperation through discussions and the exchange of information about the current situation related to community work and communication, as well as suggesting new ways for progress and improvement of institutional cooperation.

The Office for Community Affairs was represented by Srđan Popović and Ljubica Janković.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs