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Meeting of the working group to improve employment policies of non-majority- Results presented on the employment assessment of non-majority communities in public institutions and enterprises


On July 26, 2013, was held a meeting of the working group for improvement employment policy of non/majority communities and hereby have been presented the results on the Employment of Members of Non-Majority Communities in the Kosovo Civil Service and Publicly Owned Enterprises assessment research communities in public institutions and enterprises.

The meeting was organized by the Office for Community Affairs, which is leading the project to improve the employment policy of non-majority communities. At the beginning, Director of the Office, Srdjan Popovic welcomed the participants and gave the floor to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government Administration, Slobodan Petrovic, who is also chairperson of the working group.

On this occasion, Minister Petrovic among other things said that, he believes that all shall actively participate in the working group and in accordance of their scope of work provide a contribution to this very important issue, as well as to support integration of communities in the society.

The meeting was also attended by observers who are representatives of some international organizations and embassies.

After presentation of the research by Novus Company which has conducted research in the field, participants agreed on the need to develop mechanisms for implementation of active employment policies, particularly of those oriented towards communities which are not represented well in institutions.

Within the working group, it was also agreed that a team, who will work on developing recommendations for the government will be composed of representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Communities and Returns, Legal Office / OPM and the Office for Communities / OPM.

In the upcoming period, this team will work to develop recommendations aimed at strengthening and capacity building of efficiency mechanisms that regulate the employment of non-majority, respectively the recommendations relating to the system of measures that would monitoring implementation of employment policy, in institutions, enterprises and agencies.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs