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Meeting of small team in the frame of the working group for improvement of employment policy of non-majority communities


On 26th of September, Office for community affairs organized a meeting of a small team, which was formed in the frame of the working group, which has the aim to develop recommendations for the Government in order to improve the employment policy of non-majority communities.

The attendees on the meeting were representatives of the Ministry for Work and Social Welfare, Minister for Communities and Return, as well as representatives of the embassy of USA and Switzerland, UNDP, ECMI, which together with the rest of the embassies and international organizations participate in the work of the working group in capacity of observers.

The team within the frame of the working group is made of representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Local Self-Governance Administration, Ministry of Justice, Ministry for Communities and Return, Legal Office/ Office of the Prime Minister and Office for Community Affairs/ Office of the Prime Minister.

The proposed draft of the recommendations was presented and discussed on the meeting. The recommendations contain mechanisms for applying active measures for employment, as well as the group of recommendations which refer to conditions of employment and additional programs and trainings.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs