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Young Ambassadors of reconciliation visited BiH


Within the framework of the "Education Youth Council" young ambassadors from Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, visited Srebrenica (Potocari), Sarajevo and Mostar, from 15.10. 2013 until 18.102013. During the three-day visit in BiH, participants visited the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor, OSCE, National Assembly, Secondary School (Gymnasium) in Mostar, and had the opportunity to attend lectures on the following topics: The principle of accountability for war crimes, role of Parliament in the process of EU integration and regional reconciliation process.

The purpose of this study visit was to connect young representatives from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia regardless of ethnicity.

The study visit attended the senior official of Public Information in the Office of Community Affairs / Office of the Prime Minister, Sanela Sadikovic who is also Ambassadors of reconciliation.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs