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With the support of the OSCE, MIA held a three-day workshop ,,Programme and Action Plan for Promoting Community Safety and Raising Awareness about Community Safety Forums’’


In the period from 11-13 November, the Steering Group for supervising the implementation of the "National Strategy and Action Plan 2011-2016 for community safety" met in Prevalla to discuss the program and action plan to increase awareness about forums of community safety.

The purpose of the workshop was not only to ensure that the concept of community safety is consistent with other strategies, but also to explore possibilities so that existing forums for community safety can become instruments for maintaining the security of all communities in Kosovo.

The concept of community safety enables responsible institutions for the safety of all citizens of Kosovo to establish a partnership with the citizens, so that they are actively involved in planning and decision -making on security issues.

In this working group, contribution from the Office for Community Affairs was provided by Sanela Sadikovic.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs