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Support to the Office for Community Affairs through "Capacity Development Facility (CDF)"


CDF project is a joint project of United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) and Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), which aims to increase the capacity of central and local institutions through engagement of advisors and experts (

On 22nd till 24th November was held a workshop in Durres, which brought together the CDF advisers and government officials who are beneficiaries of CDF projects, to discuss on the evaluation of the role of CDF projects about development and strengthening the capacity building of the Government of Kosovo, during the workshop.

Consultants and project beneficiaries have had the opportunity to exchange their views regarding mutual expectations and provided some recommendations in order the project to be successful.

In this workshop participated Sonja Skarep, CDF advisor and Ljubica Jankovic, Senior Policy Officer in the Office of Community Affairs.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs