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The second round of regional coordination meeting


From 19th until 27th November, coordination meetings were held between central and local institutions in five regions of Kosovo (Peć/Peja, Gnjilane/Gjilan, Priština/Prishtinë, Prizren/Prizren and Mitrovica/Mitrovicë).

The purpose of these meetings was to deepen the cooperation between central and local government in seeking opportunities for continued support of communities and their reintegration support. These meetings were attended by representatives of the Ministry for Communities and Return, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry for Local Government, Community Support Unit and Return, the Office for Community Affairs, Office of the Language Commissioner, UNHCR, OSCE, KAAD, Municipal Offices for Communities and Return etc.

During these meetings officials from MCR presented the drafted strategy by the Ministry regarding the return of communities, work plan and planned activities. Officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and MLGA presented reports to the municipal offices for communities and return, and inform participants that further steps for cooperation and coordination of activities will be taken. Officials from OLC and OCA presented the report for monitoring websites regarding the use of official languages and research related to the employment of members of non-majority communities in the municipal level.

Representatives of the Office for Community Affairs was Ljubica Jankovic, Sanela Sadikovic and Qendresa Beqiri 


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs