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Conference on using the official languages in Kosovo


Upon conclusion of the six-month campaign on public awareness to support effective implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages, to promote human rights and to contribute to the inclusion of non-majority communities, the Office of the Language Commissioner in cooperation with UNDP and MDA on 17th December held a press conference and awarded the best journalist prize for the promotion of the use of languages.

Panellists at the conference were: Mr. Slavisa Mladenovic , Language Commissioner, Ms. Vlora Çitaku, Minister of the Ministry for European Integration, Ms. Seliana Nedera, Deputy resident representative at UNDP, Mr. Srdjan Popovic – Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister/Director of the Office for Community Affairs  and Mr. Zarko Joksimovic, Director of RTK 2.

Mr. Mladenovic thanked the participants and informed them about the activities of the Office regarding the monitoring of implementation of the Law on Languages, resolving complaints through mediation, and informing citizens about their rights. As a result of particular importance, Mr. Mladenovic mentioned the provision of recommendations for civil status documents through cooperation with the Civil Registration Agency during amendment of AI for civil status documents. He added that citizens now shall have the opportunity to obtain these documents in their own language without language mistakes which for them was one of the main concerns. At the same time, he urged the participants to contribute to the effective implementation of the Law by promoting the fundamental rights of all citizens and thereby meeting the criteria for EU integration.

Ms. Çitaku thanked the participants on behalf of the Government and welcomed the work and activities of the Office of the Language Commissioner, by adding that the political will to respect the language has existed and continues to be a priority on the government agenda, not only because it has been required by the EU Commission, but we have an obligation to each other.

Best prize was given to Bosnian redaction in RTK1.

The Conference was attended by media, members of the Language Policy Board, civil society representatives, representatives from the Office of Community Affairs, OSCE representatives.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs