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The eleventh meeting of the Local Communities Safety Councils


Members of Local Community Safety Council of Pristina Municipality with the support of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Department of Public Order and Security and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina organized the eleventh meeting of the Local Communities Safety Councils.

Council is an advisory body which coordinate with the main role to ensure the flow of information in order to exchange good practices.

Council aims to improve the cooperation between safety forums, police, local and international partners on solving problems in order to increase the safety and improvement of living conditions.

In the meeting was presented a summary of the achievements during the first implementation phase of joint projects with the OSCE, Royal Norwegian Embassy. LCSC members have made short presentations about their initiatives implemented in order to exchange best practices. Moreover, representatives of municipalities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kosovo Police, various Embassies and Organizations presented activities of their work in promoting community safety.

Until now 38 Local Community Safety Councils are established.

The meeting was attended by Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Mr. Jean-Claude Schlumberger, General Director of Kosovo Police Mr. Shpend Maxhuni, Head of Community Safety Division MPD Mr. Imer Thaqi, OSCE Public Safety Department Ms. Tinatin Bezhanishvili, Office of the Prime Minister / Office of Community Affairs Ms. Sanela Sadikovic, representatives from the Norwegian Embassy, representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, representatives from the Municipality of Pristina, Gjakova, Kamenica, Vushtri, Klokot, Skenderaj, Prizren, Novo Brdo, Peja, and Kosovo Polje.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs