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Regular Meeting of the Steering Group to monitor implementation of the National Strategy for Community Safety (NSCS)


On 24 January 2014, the Community Safety Division (CSD), Ministry of Interior (MoI), hosted the latest regularly scheduled meeting of the Inter-Agency Steering Group (SG) to monitor implementation of  the NSCS and Action Plan for Community Safety  2011 – 2016).

The SG approved the Minutes of the November 2013 meeting and the 2013 Evaluation Report on “Implementation of the NSCS”, while authorising future municipal visits, to commence in February, by a representative SG panel, to evaluate and make recommendations as to the functioning of all national Municipal Community Safety Councils, in accordance with the CSD mandate.

Participating members of the SG comprise representatives of the Office of Community Affairs/ Office of the Prime Minister (OCA/OPM), Kosovo Police, Kosovo Security Force (KSF), ICITAP, OSCE, UNDP and the following NGOs

Senior Public Information Officer, Ms. Sanela Sadikovic  represented  OCA/OPM. 


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs