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Communities Issues Group held its end-of-year meeting


Under the chairmanship of Mr Srdjan Popovic, Director, Office of Community Affairs (OCA), the end-of-year meeting of the Communities Issues Group (CIG) took place today in government Building.
The 40 attendees, including representatives of US, UK, French, German, Swiss and Croatian Embassies, the Council of Europe (CoE), EUSR, UNMIK,  OSCE,  and the President’s Consultative Council for Communities were briefed by the Implementing Partner, European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) on the technical recommendations developed by the Government Working Group (GWG), to successfully resolve the current State non-recognition of diplomas issued by the University in North Mitrovica. Following the presentation, the required public discussion took place.  Requested comments on these recommendations will be returned to the CIG Secretariat by 9 January 2015, after which the document will be submitted to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet for evaluation and subsequent action.
The second agenda item, presented by UNMIK, focused on the ongoing issue of the “irregular migration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian citizens from Kosovo to Western Europe”, which is of concern to the CIG due to increasing numbers of departures.


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