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Visit made in the municipality of Peja


Today, on 12 March 2015 the Mayor of Peja, Mr. Gazmend Muhaxheri accompanied by Director of Integration and Diaspora, Ms. Suzana Muriqi and Director of Administration, Mr. Fatmir Asllani have hosted in the meeting Deputy Minister of Local Government Administration, Mr. Bajram Geci, Deputy Minister for the Return, Mr. Qaush Bala, officials from the Office of the Prime Minister Ms. Sanela Sadikovic, Ms. Rifadije Haxholli, external consultants Mr. Alastair Livingston.

During the free registration campaign of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians communities, after the visit of the Mayor Muhaxheri together with the Deputy Minister Geci have made to areas where the above mentioned communities live and met three families, who are living in terribly serious conditions.

The Mayor Muhaxheri informed them that they have allocated 10 thousand euros to remove waste from the environment where they live and he is looking to find a location for them to build houses for these three families.

Also Mayor Muhaxheri informed them that Peja will return the 6 families of this community from Montenegro.

The aim of the visit today is to discuss and find an alternative solution for these families, which live in poor conditions and Municipality of Peja, Ministries and the Office of the Prime Minister / Office of Community Affairs to be responsible to lead the project of building houses for these three families.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs