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Office of Community Affairs, also this year marks the 8th April, International Roma Day


Like previous years, the Office of the Prime Minister  / Office of Community Affairs organized the conference which brought together prominent representatives of local and international institutions.

In the conference participated Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, Minister of Justice Hajredin Kuci, US Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson, OSCE Ambassador in Kosovo Jean-Claude Schlumberger, Minister without portfolio Rasim Demiri, Deputy Minister for Communities and Returns Qaush Bala, Deputy Minister for European Integration Ramadan Ilazi, EU representatives, representatives of the Consultative Council for Communities, representatives of Roma community, representatives of NGOs and the media.

Roma community as an integral part of ethnic and cultural coloration of Kosovo, is contributing and is our new state value. Therefore, this holiday shows our common sense to specific values that Roma community represents in our cultural space. 8th April marks the first International Congress of Roma in 1971.

Kosovo is determined for a multi-ethnic state that respects and builds multicultural values, but also aims at improving the socio-economic conditions for Roma.

We will work on the rights foreseen by the Constitution and laws, relating to the protection of the rights of non-majority communities, to apply to all communities equally, and to advance the implementation of these rights. As Prime Minister of the country will be committed to create equal opportunities for all, especially for employment, education at all levels, in health and social life in general, said Prime Minister Mustafa.

Considering the fact that each community is unique and has different needs and problems which faced by the Office of Community Affairs, within its activities and programs pays special attention to Roma community, said Sanela Sadikovic.

The advantage of the work of the Office of Community Affairs is a constant presence on the ground, by talking to people and in accordance with this, we plan the activities and the budget that is allocated for Roma community. Besides working on providing basic living conditions for the community, it is essential, the support for education at all levels, to be equal with other communities during the recruitment process.



Project funded by Office for Community Affairs