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The preliminary meeting was held with participation of observers from Working Group for reforms on Language Commission and language policies


Kosovo Government, in the meeting held on 9 November 2011, adopted the Decision for establishing a Working Group for reforms on Government Language Commission and producing policies related to usage of languages in the Republic of Kosovo. Working Group will be headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Administration and Local Governance, Mr. Slobodan Petrovic.

The Working Group is constituted of:

Director of Office for Community Affairs, Director of Office for Legal Support Services, Representative of Consultative Council for Communities, Head of Language Commission, Office for Strategic Planning, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Administration and Local Governance, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry for Community and Return. 

Observers acting as experts for foreign assistance:

Counselor on Community Rights (International Civil Office), OSCE, representative of The United States Embassy in Kosovo, representative of Swiss Embassy in Kosovo,  representative of Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo, representative of European Commission Liaison Office, representative of United Nations Development Program, representative of European Center for Minority Affairs.

With intention of increasing efficiency towards implementation of Law on Languages, Working Group is to prepare and send to the Government for approval respective legal acts and procedures necessary for reforming, strengthening and increasing efficiency of Language Commission, not later than three months after its establishment.

On Thursday, date 24 November of 2011 was held a preliminary meeting with observers of Working Group for reforms on Language Commission and language policies.

In this meeting discussions were in relation to the role and contribution by the observers of Working Group as well as Strategic Document of Working Group.

Observers agreed that reform on Language Commission is of a great importance and each participant in their respective fields is to offer support in this process. 

Observers are to offer recommendations, professional advice, logistics support and to contribute in the transparency of Working Group.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs