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The second meeting of the Working Group on Reform of the Language Commission was held


On Thursday, 19 January 2012 was held the second meeting of the Working Group on Reform of the Language Commission. In this meeting participated representatives of the Ministries (Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Community and Return, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology), representative of the Office of Community – Office of the Prime Minister, representative of the Legal Office and the Office of Strategic Planning – Office of the Prime Minister, Head of the Language Commission, and the representative of Consultative Committee for Communities. As observers, took place the representatives of ICO, UNDP, OSCE, from embassies: Norwegian, USA and Swiss, as well as the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo and the European Centre for Minority issues.

The meeting was opened by Chaiperson of the Working Group and Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Slobodan Petrovic who welcomed the participants and expressed his satisfaction for the results achieved so far, and also thanked them for respecting the work plan of the working group and for commitments that this reform in order to be successful.  

After the introductory speech, Mr. Srdjan Popovic, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister and Director of the Office of Community Affairs also welcomed the participants and informed them regarding the agenda of this meeting.  

“As you may know, we agreed today to present the draft Administrative Instruction and afterwards we will have time to discuss and listen to your comments. Also we will present the comments, which, in the meanwhile, were been received by the Irish Language Commissioner, Senior Advisor for Minority Issues in OSCE, the comments of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the comments of the Ministry of Public Administration. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss about improvements in this Instruction, and after the Legal Office/OPM will incorporate in new Administrative Instruction all comments for which we will agre. Also, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the Director of Legal Office for the efforts made so far, and ICO which has given certain contribution in drafting of this Instruction.   

In February, we plan to have another Workshop in Ohrid/ Macedonia, in which we will work on the Rules of Procedures – “Works and Duties” and “Job Descriptions” in order to determine the activity and professionalism of the “Reform of the Language Commission”, respectively the Office of Language Commissioner.  

Also I would like to inform that the members of the Working Group, from 31st January until 4th February 2012 will have the opportunity to go for a study visit to Brussels to familiarize with the practices of used language in the European Union Institutions. Also, the above mentioned members will have the opportunity to present the initiative of the Language Commission reform  to the relevant representatives of the European Union.     

I would like to thank UNDP for supporting us in organizing this trip”. – said Mr. Popovic.  Ms. Sonja Skarep (CDF Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister/Office for Community Affairs) has presented the Draft of Administrative Instruction, and at the end followed discussion of the Working Group members and were given comments which will be included in the new Administrative Instruction.


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