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Two Day Workshop of the Working Group on the Language Commission reform


Two day workshop was held in Pristina on 14 and 15 February, where the working group on the Language Commission reform worked on preparation of final version of Administrative Regulation of composition and competences of the Office of the Language Commissioner.

Annexes - Appointment and selection procedures, Rules of Procedure, job descriptions as well as the budget of the Office of the Language Commissioner was also discussed at the workshop.

Members of working group, together with observers, drafted and prepare a final version of the of Administrative Regulation, with annexes on regulations and procedures for selection of the  Commissioner, Rules of Procedures of the Office  and the budget of Office of Commissioner, which will be formally approved at the Working group meeting that will be held during next week.

The Working group Decision on approval these documents will be submitted to the Government for approval by the end of February.
Mr. Srdjan Popovic, expressed his gratitude to the working group members and observers for their active engagement during these last months as well as for their contribution given in the process of the Language Commission reform.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs