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Traditional costumes of Bosnian and ethnic communities of Republic of Kosovo


Office of the Prime Minister / Office of Community Affairs responded to the invitation to visit Zagreb on the occasion of the exhibition of Bosnian traditional costume, a project funded by the Office of Community Affairs.

In the hall of the National Association of Bosnians in Zagreb, is opened an exhibition "Traditional costumes of Bosnian and ethnic communities of Republic of Kosovo". The exhibition was organized by Sadrije Bajra, founder and leader of the cultural-historical Ethnological Society Young Talents from Prizren.

Exhibition was opened by Mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandic who thanked the Office of the Prime Minister/ Office of Community Affairs for accepting the invitation, aiming to support communities in Kosovo.

Representative of the Office of Community Affairs, Mrs. Sanela Sadikovic said that communities in Kosovo enjoy fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed to all citizens with national legal framework of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as additional rights enabling to preserve its identity and culture and to be fully integrated in Kosovo society.

The Mission of the Office of Community Affairs (OCA) is to contribute to the coordination of Government efforts to implement the national legal framework for minority rights and to ensure that government policies and activities will fulfil the needs and interests of communities.

In this exhibition also attended a national community of Bosnian, Albanian minority council of the city of Zagreb, cultural-artistic society from Prizren and a large number of media.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs