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The Language Policy Board has adopted the Report and the List of three candidates proposed by the Selection Commission


At the meeting held on 4th of July, the Language Policy Board has reviewing and adopted the list of three candidates for the Language Commissioner. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Srdjan Popovic Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister / Director of the Office for Community Affairs, who is also President of the Selection Commission. Meeting was attended by the representatives of following institutions: Ministry for Public Administration, Ministry for Local Government Administration, Ministry for Education, Science and Technology, Ministry for Communities and Return, Kosovo Judicial Council, the Policy and Monitoring Unit for Publicly Owned Enterprises, the Correctional Services, the Association of Kosovo Municipalities and representative for of the following linguistic communities: Serbian language and Montenegrian language.

Chairman of the Selection Commission, Mr. Popovic, has presented the report to the members as well as explained them procedures and criteria’s used through the selection process. In accordance with Regulation 07/2012 on the Office of the Language Commissioner, the Selection Commission has prepared and presented for reviewing to the Board the list of three candidates for the Language Commissioner. The Board has adopted the list and submitted to Prime Minister.

The Language Policy Board has also reviewing and adopted the recommendations drafted by the Working group for support establishment of the Office of the Language Commissioner. The Language Commissioner will submit these recommendations to the Government once he is appointed. 


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