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Director of the Office of Community Affairs participated in the debate in Peja


On 26.09.2012, NGO “Experimental Studio Group”(ESG) from Gorazdec organized a debate in the Hotel „Dukagjini“ in Peja, in order to highlight the problems of the Serbian community in the municipality of Peja, Klina and Istog. Mr. Srdjan Popovic, Director of the Office of Community Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo has given an important contribution to the round table discussion, where except the Serbian representatives of the above mentioned municipalities participated the officials from OSCE, UNMIK, UNHCR, EULEX as observers. 

Participants discussed many problems regarding the position of the Serbian Community in the returnees’ environment, especially the issues relating to security, inefficient work of the Kosovo Police and Judicial Bodies at the local level. During the debate was created a quite creative atmosphere where ideas and suggestions were proposed for the future economic development of the Serbian community in the region of Peja.

It was also concluded that NGO, „ESG“, in cooperation with relevant stakeholders will continue to organize similar events in with the aim of improving the communication and cooperation of the Serbian community with the institutions at local and central level. 

The above mentioned activities, NGO “Experimental Studio Group” are implemented with the support of the Swedish NGO“Olof Palme International Cente”.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs