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One more family will spent the winter time in a warm environment


Yesterday, on 27.09.2012, Director of the Office of Community Affairs, Mr. Srdjan Popović, at the inauguration ceremony handed over the keys to the above mentioned family and congratulated them for the new house by emphasizing that, this is the only donation in this municipality, some other projects are also in the process of implementation.  

Considering the economy situation in Novobrdo, as one of the poorest municipality we will continue to support this place, said Mr. Popović. Therefore, he stressed, there have been projects in the past and we will continue to have in the future.   

Also the Mayor of Novobrdo, Mr. Bajrush Imeri, appreciated the support of the Office of Community Affairs by emphasizing that this multiethnic municipality needs even greater support, and mentioned that many problems were solved with the support of the Office of Community Affairs.

We hope to have this support in future so we can help some other social cases. 

Also the recipient of this donation thanked Mr. Popović for the offered assistance, and was happy to see that the housing problem has been resolved.  


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs