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Improvement of employment policy of non-majority communities in Kosovo


By Government decision on April 5, 2013 a work group was created, which will work on recommendation development that will aim at improving the employment policy of non-majority communities in public institutions, enterprises, agencies and municipalities. The chairman of the work group is Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Local Government Administration, Mr. Slobodan Petrovic, while the members are the representatives of the ministries, public enterprises and agencies.

The first meeting of the work group was held on April 25, 2013, and it was opened by the Senior Adviser to Prime Minister/Director of Office for Community Affairs, Mr. Srdjan Popovic who used the opportunity to introduce the participants with the initiative of the Office for Community Affairs, in order to improve the employment policy of non-majority communities in Kosovo.

“By this initiative, we want to improve the employment policy of non-majority communities in few areas, from procedures for announcing vacancies, through process of choosing the candidates, as well as additional programs and trainings in order to make the non-majority communities more competitive in the market, to completely fulfill the legal quota of community representation in public institutions, as well as to motivate the non-majority communities to apply for jobs. In cooperation with UNDP, a company was chosen to work on a research about community representation in public institutions, enterprises, agencies and municipalities.

The research will be presented on the second work group meeting that is planned for May. At the end of its work, the work group should come out with recommendations for adoption to Government, which will aim at strengthening and increasing the capacity and efficiency of mechanisms that regulate employment of non-majority communities: recommendations’ that refer to the system of measures that will improve the monitoring of employment policy implementation in institutions, enterprises and agencies”, said Popovic.

In his speech, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government Administration, Mr. Slobodan Petrovic gave full support to the work group and said that this work group is very important because it is supposed to give recommendations’ that will also influence young people not to leave Kosovo in search for better offers, but to stay in Kosovo and help that society. He also mentioned that the law says that we need to encourage non-majority communities, and that they need to make 10% of employees in central institutions.

Attendees were also addressed by the Minister for Communities and Return, Mr. Dalibor Jevtic who also promised full support and contribution of the Ministry to this work group and emphasized the importance of employment of the returnees.

“Besides resolving the economic aspect, we help build trust towards Kosovo institutions. Trust, beside economic issue, are some of important elements when it comes to return and stabilization of communities”, said Jevtic.

After introductory speeches, CDF adviser in Office of Prime Minister/Office for Community Affairs, Sonja Skarep, presented to the work group the first draft of the Policy Paper on employment of non-majority communities, that holds future steps to be taken in order to improve employment policy of non-majority communities, job description of the work group, as well as phases through which the employment policy should be developed.

It was recommended that next meeting of the work group should be held on May, when it will bee agreed which institutions will make smaller team that will work on development of mentioned recommendations.

Beside mentioned people, the meeting attended the representatives of the Ministries for Communities and Return, Locak Governance, Public Administration, Work and Social Welfare, Internal Affairs, Justice, representatives of the Legal Office/Office of the Prime Minister, Office for Strategic Planning/Office of PM, Coordination Secretariat of the Government/Office for PM, Kosovo Police, Customs, Statistical Agency, Anticorruption Agency, Kosovo Railways, RTK, Consultative Council for Communities, Kosovo Post and Ombudsman Office. As observers: Ambassador of Norway, his Excellency Jan Braathu, representatives of the embassies of SAD, Grait Britain, Switzerland and Germany, as well as representatives of OSCE, Office of EUSR in Kosovo and ECMI.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs