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Results presented from the research about non-majority communities representation in public institutions


On the meeting, held on 15th May, the results from the research about non-majority community representation in public institutions were presented to the observers of the working group for improvement of employment policy.

Office for Community Affairs implemented the research in cooperation with UNDP and Novus Company, which did the research on the field. The research showed that the representation of non-majority community in public institutions and enterprises is not at a satisfactory level and in accordance with the legal quota. Also, the research showed that it is necessary to develop long-term strategies and measures of active employment.

Present members of international organizations and embassies had a chance to give their comments that will be included in the final narrative report of the research.

The results will also be presented to the members of the working group for the improvement of the employment policy of non-majority communities that will be held in the first week of June.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs