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Fulfilment of the promise given by the Prime Minister of Kosovo to the Jorgic family


Prishtinë, 19 February 2010

Today at 11.00, Mr Srdjan Sentic, the Prime Minister’s Advisor, Director of the Office for Community Affairs, handed the keys to a tractor to the family of Dušan Jorgic, a member of the Serb community from Lipjan, as a present promised previously by the Prime Minister and the Government of Kosovo.

As well as Mr. Srdjan Sentic, Florent Hoxha, the Deputy Mayor of Lipjan/Lipljan Municipality, and the Jorgic family took part in the modest ceremony to hand over the keys for the tractor.

In the handover Mr Sentic said “After the visit to your family, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, together with the American Ambassador in Kosovo, informed me that you had told them of your need for hardware to work the land, and in particular that you needed a tractor. Although it wasn’t possible for Prime Minister Thaçi to be here in person today, because of a previous engagement, I am here on his behalf to give you the tractor keys as aid from the government, in the hope that these will offer you improvement in your living conditions.”

Mr Sentic went on to stress the readiness of the Prime Minister’s Office to support the implementation of priority projects in the municipality of Lipjan/Lipljan which will contribute to the strengthening of communities and the promotion of multi-ethnicity and tolerance.

He went on to announce that investment in building sewers in the neighborhood where the Jorgis and other Serb families as well as Albanians live was among the urgent needs identified by the people and the municipality of Lipjan.

“Together with Lipjan/Lipljan municipality the Office for Community Affairs will review the possibility of joint financing of this project,” said Mr Sentic.

In his speech, Florent Hoxha, the Deputy Mayor of Lipjan/Lipljan municipality, said that “Lipjan municipality is committed to ensuring that everyone in this municipality has a life which is as good as possible, and that all your concerns and infrastructure problems are resolved in the near future.”

On 4 November 2009, during a visit made by Prime Minister Thaçi to Lipjan/Lipljan municipality and the Jorgic family who live in the municipality, Prime Minister Thaçi promised Mr Jorgic that he would help him with agricultural equipment so that he could improve his living conditions and social welfare, which has now been achieved.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs