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Holding a Conference ,,The visit of project beneficiaries EU III CF MCR''


Organized by the Center for Peace and Tolerance, the Ministry for Communities and Returns and IOM today in MCR was held a conference where the results of the project CF III were presented (Return and Reintegration in Kosovo, phase III). EU and the Ministry for Communities and Returns are financing the project. Besides minister Jevtic and Chief of IOM Mission in Kosovo, Jorge Baca and representatives of organizations who have participated in implementation of this project, in this conference have also participated beneficiaries of the project, which covers municipalities of Shtërpce, Prizren, Suhareka, Partes and Novo Brdo.

At the meeting, Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtic said: "We expect that by the end of the project to have a total of 200 houses built which exceeds our plans from the beginning of the project. In this regard we have been very efficient. What is particularly important to note is, that we have built 193 houses so far and all these houses are inhabited and until today no one left Kosovo, this project unlike some previous projects RRK III is fully successful ''.

Ljubica Jankovic from the Office of Community Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister presented the activities within the project CF III. Although the issue of return and displaced is not directly in accordance with the mandate, we are dealing with this issue, so that, inter alia, in cooperation with the MRC we support a number of projects that include assistance to returnees, at the same time we have made a joint document on cooperation between two institutions within which we have determined priority projects and joint scope of action involving infrastructure projects, economic development and education, said Jankovic.

Head of IOM Mission in Kosovo, Jorge Baca, presented detailed data and results achieved in the project CF III and afterwards submited to the Minister Jevtic a letter of appreciation for personal contribution to the project CF III.

At the end of the meeting, was emphasized the commitment of all to the next stage of the project CF which will start in September 2014. 


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs