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‘Education of returnees and Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities: challenges and solutions’,


The Office for Community Affairs participated in the two day, EU/CoE –sponsored conference on ”Educational Challenges for the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) Communities”  2-3 April. 

The conference has examine the issues linked to the access to education for returnee children and members of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, as well as best practices to increase social cohesion drawing from local and international experiences.

The conference is organized within the framework of the Joint EU/CoE Programme “Increasing Access to Education and Intercultural Understanding: EU/CoE Support in the field of Education to forced returnees and to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.”

The project is working directly with local and central authorities and relevant local institutions to support the integration of returnees and minority communities into the education system and to promote intercultural understanding.

On behalf of the Office for Community Affairs Was Alastair James Butchart Livingston and the attendance and interest expressed by the Office’s participation was particularly noticed and appreciated by the CoE sponsors.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs