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Inaugural Meeting of “Communities Issues Group”


On Thursday, 17th of April, Office for Community Affairs organized a inauguration meeting of “Communities Issues Group” under chairmanship of the director of the Office for Community Affairs, Mr. Srđan Popović.

Establishment of this working group had a strong support from the Office of the Prime Minister. At the meeting, collected information on the subject of diploma recognition from the Pristina University currently headquartered in North Mitrovica, were presented, as well as current plans for finding mechanisms which would enable finding the solution for the above mentioned problem. European Center for Minority Issues presented the findings, and the entire project aims at including all relevant Kosovo institutions in solving this problem, as well as embassies and international.

Director of the Office for Community Affairs and chairman of the working group, Mr. Srđan Popović stated that establishment of this working group is essential for resolving all issues that non-majority communities are facing. He also pointed out that this working group is going to deal with non-majority related issues and that it will come up with concrete recommendations for solving those issues.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs