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100 young people starting an internship


Director of the Office for Community Affairs, Srdjan Popovic, said in a talk show “Morning Coffee” (“Uz jutarnju kafu”) that interview process is underway with around 300 candidates from all parts of Kosovo who expressed their interest in the internship programme at Kosovo’s local and central institutions.
“Most importantly, this internship programme is paid for. We set aside an amount of money to encourage them, and it will cover tax and retirement income. Therefore, they will have gained some work experience when applying for a job. With this programme we give them a chance and we hope that this will help them in employment opportunities,” said Popovic.
The project, which includes a six-month internship at Kosovo’s local and central institutions, started six months ago. The idea was brought up a year ago after the establishment of a working group involved in recruitment of non-majority communities in Kosovo.
“At least ten percent of employees in Kosovo institutions must come from the ranks of non-majority communities. It was an occasion to find the number of members of predominantly non-majority communities interested to work in Kosovo’s institutions, and to check how many of them would respond to our call. This call was open both for graduates and students who want to gain work experience in institutions,” said Popovic.
"The internship programme for 100 young Kosovans will begin in early September. The official contract handing over ceremony to interns is planned to take place at the Cultural Center in Gracanica,” said Popovic.
Source: Radio KIM


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs