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Project for construction of a sheep farm in the Municipality of Gracanica


The president of the municipality of Gracanica, Srdjan Popovic, met today with the bishop of Raska and Prizren, Teodosije, the director of the Office for Communities, Ivan Milojevic, and the ambassador of Norway, Eric Grondal, to discuss the project for building a sheep farm and investing in economic development.

The meeting also discussed the funds that the Norwegian Embassy wants to invest in the construction of the farm, in order to help the sisterhood of the Gracanica Monastery, and at the same time employ a certain number of people on that farm.

Popovic pointed out that this is one of the ways to help economic development in this area.

"First of all, I want to thank the ambassador for the good cooperation so far and for deciding on such a step, which means a lot to us, above all to the sisterhood of the Gracanica Monastery, "said Popovic.

Norwegian Ambassador for Kosovo Jens Erik Grondal said after the meeting that Norway wants to support economic development in Serbian communities.

"This is a contribution from Norway, we want to support economic development in Serbian communities in Kosovo." We agreed to support the Serbian Orthodox Church and build a new farm in the municipality of Gracanica," said Ambassador Grondal.

Bishop Teodosije said that the project is of great importance for the Gracanica Monastery.

"We are grateful to the Norwegian Embassy, which allocated money for the project that should be implemented in the Gracanica Monastery, it is a sheep farm with a capacity of 250 sheep." This will complete the monastery's economy and we will be able to employ as many people from the area as possible, which is of great importance for sustainability and survival in this area. The Municipality of Gracanica and the Office for Community Affairs are also involved in this project and I hope that during the year we will be able to realize this project" said Bishop Teodosije.

Milojevic said that investing in economic development is of great importance.

"This is the realization of the project for a large sheep farm for the sisterhood of the Monastery Gracanica, we will try to improve economic development in the coming period, which is of great importance for all of us, "said Milojevic.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs